Peter was broken through his denials of Jesus, in this passage we see Jesus redeem Peter and we also see how Peter has changed in a way that we all…
The tomb is empty and Jesus is alive! However, is there a belief that saves and a belief that does not?
Just before Jesus dismisses his spirit he declares that "it is finished" this week we look at what that means for those who give their lives to Jesus.
The cross of Christ will always stand as a symbol of the wrath of God against sin and the love of God that would save us from it.
With our faith in Jesus we can face death with the certainty of ever lasting life.
In the trial of Jesus before Pilate, we see the failure of legalism to ever change the heart. Instead, legalism always leads to hypocrisy.
In this passage Peter is seen a typology of all of us as he is contrasted with Jesus.
Jesus intentionally hands himself over to the arresting authorities; this week we look at why.
In Jesus' prayer for his disciples, we learn what the purpose and goal is for each of our lives.
Jesus prays that his followers will be in the world as a light but not polluted by the values of the world
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