The peace that Jesus gives us is internal and can survive all external circumstances.
The same pain we feel on the sporting field would be much worse if felt in the comfort of your loungeroom. We must run to win in this Christian walk…
When you feel troubled, see how Jesus can bring joy through bringing us back to his plan and purpose.
What is the glory of God and how does it relate to how we can love one another?
The betrayal of Jesus by Judas was a definite part of the plan and purpose of God. There is no situation where God does not reign.
Should we wash one another's feet following the example of Jesus?
Understanding the full sovereignty of God
What is the purpose of your life, what should be your goal?
There is joy found in Jesus that the world cannot offer, an amazing joy that comes from the presence of Christ and the promise of eternal life.
When we have the wrong priorities, it is easy to start living a compromised life that has loses the joy of the Spirit and never truly enjoys the world.
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