In this message we look at how and why wives are to submit to their own husbands.
In order to live a life of biblical submission, we need to look to Jesus as our example
How should we as Christians conduct ourselves when those in authority are acting in a hostile way towards the church?
Our obedience to governing authorities is part of our worship of Jesus.
In this message we look at how we are in a fight against the flesh and how winning can help bring people to Jesus
Peter explains how old testament promises to Israel are fulfilled in the church
Peter lists for us obstacles to the constant love that we should have for one another in the church.
Knowing who your truly are and what it cost to save you means that your love for your brothers and sisters in Christ should be sincere and constant.
The death of Jesus was marked by some major events with implications forevermore.
God did not redeem you with gold or silver, but by the blood of his own Son. This makes your life of inherent and incredible worth.
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